Root canal treatment is a procedure in dentistry wherein all the dead tissues inside the tooth crown and its root canals are removed to get rid of the infection and the canals are widened and prepared so that they can be sealed with an inert material and the tooth restored to become functional again.

Most often patients realize they need a root canal only when an abscess pops up or they have sudden unbearable pain. Often, they remain asymptomatic or have mild symptoms that they keep ignoring and realize only when a portion of the tooth fractures or they have a huge cavity in the tooth.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Mexico?

Whatever the case, the fact is that you can save quite a bit of money by opting for treatment in Mexico and the best part is the distance is not much to travel/drive down in a day.  The approximate cost for root canal treatment in the US is $1000-1500 whereas in Mexico it costs approximately $250-550.

With the advent of single sitting RCTs (root canal treatments), it has become even easier to finish the treatment quickly in case you are pressed for time. MEXDENTAL can help arrange the treatment for you in Mexico so that you can do a quick in and out after your root canal treatment if need be. If you are near the border then Los Algodones, Tijuana, Nogales, and Juarez are some of the closest cities you can drive down to get root canal treatment.  Or if you want to engage in a Dental Vacation of sorts we can assist with your travel plans in one of our destination cities.

Below is an animation of what happens when you come to Mexico for a Root Canal Treatment.

Here are a few pointers before you go for your root canal treatment to Mexico:

Do not plan the trip if you have an active infection:

If your tooth is infected badly and you have a swelling, you would most likely need antibiotic treatment and coverage before root canal therapy can be initiated. It would be better if you went to your local dentist or to the emergency room and start your course of medications to get the infection under control before you head to Mexico. The dentist in Mexico will be able to work on your case only when the infection is gone. A single sitting RCT(root canal treatment) can be done only when the tooth and tissues are relatively infection and symptom-free. In case you end up going to Mexico with an active infection, the endodontist will open up the canals, do some basic cleaning, place a dressing that allows the tooth to drain and ask you to come back after 5-7 days. So, be wise and get a prescription in your home country, take the medication and then head to Mexico for a single sitting RCT.


Consult a general dentist before going to an endodontist:

It is always better to get an initial consultation with a general dentist to get a general idea about all the procedures you might require. Sometimes just a filling might be needed and you can completely avoid going to the root canal specialist. The general dentist will able to give you a detailed plan about which specialist to consult and direct you to undergo an implant instead of an RCT in case the tooth is irreparably damaged.   MEXDENTAL can explain your options with a simple phone call or contact us here.  We can help set up an appointment with a general dentist in Mexico for you and if RCT is needed, we can arrange for an endodontist to do it soon after your consultation on the same day.

Choose wisely between a root canal treatment and an implant:

Most dentists would love to save your teeth and will consider extraction and restoration as a last resort. But often a choice must be made by you (with professional advice) whether it is feasible for you to take a chance with a root canal treatment failure and then again having to come back for an extraction and implant. If the tooth doesn’t have enough support or tooth structure left or has had a long-standing infection, the chances of the tooth fracturing after restoration or the treatment failing are higher. So, make sure you discuss all the pros and cons of getting a root canal treatment or going in for a dental implant with your dentist. Think about the cost, the number of times you would have to come back and then decide based on what suits you. If your dentist gives an assurance about RCT success then, by all means, make it your first option.


Ask for a quote that includes the post and crown cost after RCT:

The treatment doesn’t end with the shaping and filing of canals. The canals are sealed and based on the amount of remaining tooth structure, the dentist will decide if a post and core are needed to create extra strength and then finally a crown is placed on the tooth to recreate the natural anatomy of the tooth. Most of the quotes for RCT only include the price for the basic procedure and the cost of post and crown is not included. You can ask for an approximate estimation of the cost initially itself so that there are no surprises when the final bill is presented. Generally, the prices in Mexico are around $350-550 for an RCT with post and crown. The same will probably cost you anything above $1000-$1,500 in the US.

MEXDENTAL will help you get a reasonable quote and you can expect the RCT and crown preparation to be finished on the same day. A temporary crown is placed and once the lab gets back with the permanent crown (around 2-5 days), you can come and get it cemented.

Ask for all pre and post op radiographs:

Once the treatment is complete, please remember to ask your dentist for all the radiographs taken in relation to the treated tooth. It acts as a record and proof that your treatment was done systematically and properly. In case there is an issue in the future, it helps the dentist to identify if the problem lies with the same tooth.

On an average, it takes around 40 minutes to one hour to complete an RCT and anyone promising you anything in less time should be avoided. Many top endodontist use microscopes to do an RCT to get a perfect finish. They may be expensive and may take time but the final results are worth the extra time and effort.


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