Dentists in Puerto Vallarta Discovery Guide

Tap into our network of top dental professionals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We make sure all dental specialists maintain United States ADA ® best practices which guarantees you get trusted, premium and affordably priced dental care.

Why should I go to a Dentist in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has a myriad of things to offer tourists. The 25 mile coastline offers one the ability to witness the beauty of mountains, beaches, and rivers. The beautiful little city has a unique character and charm that is a great mix of the old, traditional heritage and modern facilities for travelers that like comfort and luxury. The dental clinics are run by highly qualified dentists and have all the latest equipment.

We only work with dental clinics that pass our careful background and quality criteria. We don’t work with any dentists where any one of us would not sit in his or her chair for treatment. We check and verify their qualifications, accreditations, adherence to laws, and training programs. Having reviewed the many dental offices in the city we’ve then hand selected the very best options available to ensure each of our clients has their expectations exceeded. Our clients save time, money and potential problems along the way as we guide our patients through the process.

The fact that the Puerto Vallarta international airport is a short flight from the US or Canada makes it a convenient option especially if you need multiple visits for implants or other complex treatment procedures.

Getting good quality care that is affordable is another major factor that encourages people to seek dental treatment abroad. Puerto Vallarta has a well-developed market that provides high-quality care at highly affordable rates. The quality is on par with what one would get in their home country but at a much lower price.

Dental treatment/procedure

Average cost in US

Average cost in Puerto Vallarta

Zirconia dental crown



Root canal, + Crown



Dental Implant + Crown



You can safely expect a savings between 50% and 80% on most dental care expenses in Puerto Vallarta compared to what you might pay back home. Block your appointment with one of our qualified and credentialed dentists in Puerto Vallarta at MEXDENTAL. We guarantee the best treatment at the most economical prices.
Puerto Vallarta is not just a destination for your dental treatment, but also a delightful place that offers a true mix of culture, heritage and nature. The old town charm with a modern twist will appeal to all. Puerto Vallarta began to draw international attention in the 1960’s when the Night of the Iguana was filmed here. Apart from beautiful beaches, Puerto Vallarta has colorful markets and an awesome seaside walk that keeps everyone happy and engaged.

Puerto Vallarta is located close to the United States and Canada. This proximity has added fuel to the rapidly expanding art scene making it a hub for artists, sculptors, musicians, and filmmakers. Apart from the natural beauty, beautiful cultural heritage, great weather, and safety that Puerto Vallarta offers as a resort destination, it has also become a reputable destination for dental and medical tourism.

Thousands of people have discovered the cost-effective advantage of experiencing the hospitality and beauty of Puerto Vallarta through Dental tourism. Dental treatments and procedures are offered at a fraction of the price in their home countries with no compromise on the quality. The latest techniques are employed by the top dentists in Puerto Vallarta and the team at MEXDENTAL will ensure you find the best dentist to suit your treatment needs.

Is it Safe to visit Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta’s reputation is that of being a safe and peaceful place to visit.  In January of 2018 the city was voted safest in all of Mexico and it’s certainly of the top Mexican cities to visit for North Americans. The town folks and fathers take great pride in providing visitor and residents alike with a safe environment to work, live and play.  The three police forces, Policia Municipal (state and federal police), Transito (traffic police) and the Policia Turistica (tourist police) are always around to help. As one might assume the tourist police are especially there to help tourists with directions and other information.

The residents are warm and friendly. It is generally safe to walk around town day or night in all the tourist zones.

Location, Location, Location

Puerto Vallarta is a beach resort city on the Pacific Coast that enjoys year round mild to tropical weather.  Centered in Banderas Bay it’s a playground for sailing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and even some good surf spots a short drive away.  Or you can simply relax pool side as many guests do.

Puerto Vallarta is popular as a travel destination with Americans and Canadiens looking for alternatives to high cost dental care. It is convenient to reach being just a few hours flight from most North American cities.

How does the Quality of Care Compare with Back Home?

Puerto Vallarta offers high-quality dental care and MEXDENTAL puts each dentists through a stringent background verification and quality standard checks. We consider it our responsibility to ensure you get the same level of care that you would get in your home country (or even better). We not only check the dentists’ credentials but we also visit their clinics personally to ensure all the technology, materials and standards they use are as good as what you would expect. Only after determining we’d be happy to send a family member to see a certain dentist do they qualify to be part of our referral network.

MEXDENTAL specializes in helping people find the most cost-effective dental treatment with no compromise on quality. Our work speaks for itself and we have hundreds of satisfied clients who have posted genuine, heartfelt and verified reviews on our website. Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest that you can find with absolutely no sacrifice in quality.

What if Something Goes Wrong? Is my Dental treatment Guaranteed?

The dental tourism market in Mexico is becoming rather competitive which naturally forces dental care practitioners to consistently up their game if they want to participate. As with just about any trip you might take things can and do occasionally go wrong. No matter where you get treated there is always a chance for something to go wrong. Our commitment is to do everything within our power to ensure you have an amazing experience (except that part in the chair) from the time you land in Vallarta to the time you leave.

If fact we expect you will have a better experience in one of our referral dentists than you might back home. It’s very common to hear this feedback from our clients. In the event of a misunderstanding or error we will work directly with you and the dental care provider to ensure our obligations to you the customer are met completely and satisfactorily.

What if I Don’t Speak Spanish?

No problema! English speaking tourists have been visiting Dentists in Vallarta for many decades now and English is spoken in virtually all places you might visit (hotels, restaurants, tours and all of our dental offices). Though Spanish is the Primary language, one can survive with only English-speaking skills.

Do Dentists in Puerto Vallarta accept US or Canadian Insurance?

It may not be possible for the PV dentists to send the bill directly to your insurance company. We suggest that you first contact your dental insurance provider and inquire if they will reimburse for treatment at out-of-network clinics. If they have a reimbursement option then ensure that you get all the correct forms and documents for your Puerto Vallarta dentist to fill out. The insurance firm will not pay for accommodation or flights but the saving you get on your treatment abroad will most likely make it worth the effort as you can enjoy a vacation at a picturesque location along with receiving high-quality dental care and treatment at experienced and verified clinics.

Which Modes of Payment are Acceptable?

Generally, cash (US Dollars and Pesos) and credit card are widely accepted at all dental offices. Be sure to discuss this aspect with our care specialists that will guide you every step of the way on your dental journey in Puerto Vallarta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Place to Get Your Hotel?
Puerto Vallarta has options for every budget ranging from hostels, house rental markets, beachfront condos, 5-star luxury resorts. The “Old Town”, known as Zona Romantica is a popular place but generally speaking we can give you a better suggestion after you’ve been matched with one of our dental care specialists. Depending on your treatment it’s sometimes helpful for your hotel location to be near the dental office. We’re happy to provide some of our favorite spots.
What is the Best Time of Year to Visit?
Puerto Vallarta is a great place to visit all year round as there is generally something exciting happening every month of the year.  Winter (December-March) is the peak season as the temperature is cooler and the city is alive with activities and events.  If you are planning to visit during the winter then make sure you block your appointments well in advance. April, May, October and November are also great months to visit as the crowd is lesser and the weather is still enjoyable. The rainy season is from June to September. The weather is hot and humid and frequent downpours are common. A few sunny days are interspersed between the showers and it a great time to bag some great discounts on hotels, flights and treatment packages as it is the lean season. The town is also less crowded and quieter especially for people who don’t like crowds.
Other Considerations Before Visiting
As a popular beach resort Puerto Vallarta offers just about anything you might imagine and expect from such a setting.  There truly is something for every age and pace of life.

People wanting to opt for dental tourism are suggested to do their research and due diligence and certainly we are here to really help our clients with all aspects on the ground and of course we’ve already done most of the work for you.  MEXDENTAL will help you zero in on exactly the right dental professional and in the right location to fit your exact needs.  We have a pre-screened list of qualified and experienced dentists who can provide the best solutions for your dental problems at the most affordable cost.

Sedation dentistry is not practiced in Mexico as widely as in the US and Canada. Administration of nitrous oxide gas is a specialist service as it needs a licensed anesthesiologist to do the job. Patients who need full sedation should contact us in advance for availing this service at an extra cost of $400-$600. A local anesthetic is used in most cases and for patients with anxiety, valium can be requested before you visit.

Do I need Car Insurance?
Yes, if you plan to drive down for treatment you most certainly need to get a valid Mexican insurance policy to cover you the entire time of your stay in Mexico.  Generally, you can purchase on line for less ten dollars per day.
What Do I need to Cross the Border?
In case you are planning to drive, be sure to plot your route and know where you plan to cross.  Contact them directly to verify crossing hours.  Our general recommendation is to cross early in the morning and avoid driving the highways at night.  You should have a valid passport good for the next 6 months.  Often the news exaggerates and glorifies bad news in Mexico.  In any case you can always check with the US State Department for any related Travel Advisories in Mexico.

What Else does Puerto Vallarta offer?

Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of activities on offer. You can enjoy a mouth-watering food tasting tour around town or tap into your adventurous side and try para-sailing around the expansive banderas bay.  We find the Banderas Bay Event Calendar to be a great source of upcoming events.

People who enjoy the night life will find late-night restaurants, bars, clubs and music venues. If shopping is more your thing the city has dozens and dozens of boutiques and of course a few high-end shopping malls near the marina.  La Isla and Galerias are the best shopping malls and both are very accessible.

But the real beauty of Puerto Vallarta is in her natural attractions like the many beautiful beaches that provide an opportunity to indulge in water sports and activities like snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, jet ski, kayak, etc… The world famous Sierra Madre Mountains create the amazing backdrop for most beaches are a great challenge for hiking enthusiasts with their awesome views.

What’s Needed to Book Dental Reservations?

Use our contact page on the MEXDENTAL website to make initial contact where you can call us Toll Free and speak to one of our experts or chat with us in the same manner.   You can also email us if you prefer at

We will be glad to assist in helping you plan your dental treatment at the most attractive rates. It is very simple to use our transparent services. It costs you nothing to use our services and also get a free quote. So, book your dental appointment with one of the best dentists in Puerto Vallarta with MEXDENTAL and receive the best prices on your treatment.

Driving Directions

The vast majority of visitors will prefer to fly but if you are planning to drive down you’ll want to get yourself over to the Highway 15 and head south from Hermosillo on the toll road. It’s a straight shot down and roughly 16 hours total drive so relax and enjoy the coastal drive. We suggest if you are going to drive to get off the highway before dark and find a nice place to relax for the night. This road is know to be quite safe but when traveling in a foreign county always best to be on the safe side. Avoid taking side roads and secondary routes.

“Mexdental has provided me with excellent personal service, I got quick responses to my seemingly obvious questions and request. It was my first time with them and I’m sure it will not be the last one. ”

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