Mexico Dental Prices

Mexdental is one of the top dental network who has access to premium quality and affordable dental specialists located in Mexico. You’ll find services that meet and exceed US standards while offering you huge savings over USA pricing. Peace of mind is guaranteed when you take care of your dental needs with Mexdental.

Save up to 75%

Dental work is way overpriced in the USA and Canada, however it should not be the case. We offer affordable, cutting-edge and stress free dental solutions. You’ll have access to top-quality dental specialists that provide services at a fraction of what you pay in the US. We’re talking about 35-75% off. Premium dental care you can easily pay for.

Access to the best dentists

How can you be sure we only work with the best dentists in Mexico? Because we enforce strict standards when it comes to accepting dental clinics to our network. They must provide excellent quality of work, have a clean reputation and outstanding reviews from customers, if they wish to remain in our premium network.

Travelling made easy

With Mexdental you can have peace of mind and relax, without ever worrying about having to spend a lot of your valuable time and money exploring how dentistry works in Mexico. We help you make the best decision based on data, select the perfect dentist and organize your trip. Depending on our partners, we can provide special payment options and transportation. We don’t charge you for our concierge service, you’ll get it for free.

Offering unique benefits

It’s a challenging task to find your ideal dentist in Mexico, right? Fortunately, we’ve already done the hardest part – selecting those dental professionals who meet the highest standards – so you can just relax and enjoy the benefits. You’ll have access to limited deals and pricing which would otherwise not be possible, only when you’re with Mexdental.

“Mexdental has provided me with excellent personal service, I got quick responses to my seemingly obvious questions and request. It was my first time with them and I’m sure it will not be the last one. ”

Arthur L. Seal


Mexdental Premium Benefits


Pre-screened Top Dentists

Select only from the best dental professionals and specialists in Mexico.


Affordable Prices

You’ll pay less for top quality dental work.


Excellent Guarantee

Our dentists stand by their work and will give you guarantee.


Quality Service

Mexdental helps you at every step of the process.


Easy Travelling

We can help you arrange local transportation.


Free Assistance

Our services are free from the beginning to the end.