The best part about considering dental tourism in Mexico is the fact that it is a great location for a world-class vacation with beautiful beaches and facilities that are inherent to a tourist town. It is a wonderful mix of cultural heritage and modern facilities. It offers something to everyone.

We have compiled a few handy tips for you to ensure that you enjoy your stay and also take care of yourself so that your treatment is not hampered in any manner.

private beach in mexico during dental treatment

Mexican Dream Vacation


1. Your Health is The Top Priority

Mexican tourist towns like the one picture above in Puerto Vallarta are known for being great places to “let your hair down” and have a great time but when it comes to medical and dental treatments abroad you need to keep in mind that the primary goal is successful treatment or surgery. You should aim to have your body and immune system in top shape to facilitate healing more rapidly and generally for your body to deal with the normal stresses involved with undergoing medical procedures.  Most certainly, avoid binge drinking and/or heavy smoking as they undoubtedly will have a negative impact on your ability to recover.  Also, the change in water, weather, food can take some time to adjust to and you need to allow your body to acclimate.  So, do not fall for the free drinks and complimentary items till your procedure is over and your surgeon gives you the all clear.


2. Meet Your Dentist ASAP

The first step after you land and check into your hotel should be to have your consultation session. The dentist or surgeon will give you a list of precautions to help prepare for your medical procedures. Do not try to fit in too many touristy things into your itinerary.  Save the sightseeing activities for after your clinical evaluation.  Avoid pre-booking any trips as you get better deals locally.


3. Paying For Your Dental Work:

Pay-as-you-go should be the mantra when you pay for any of the dental work. Do not pay the full amount in advance or agree beforehand to pay the full amount after the first consultation. Many clinics do ask for the full payment in advance but beware that it locks you into a commitment to use the services of the same dentist even if you are not happy after the initial consultation. Take your time to look around or ask experienced facilitators like MEXDENTAL. There are almost always more options available so don’t get arm-twisted into paying upfront.


4. Get comfortable with your new teeth/dentures:

Do not plan to fly back immediately after the surgery. Test the new teeth/dentures and check for any sore spots, improper contacts, pain points. It takes a few hours/days of continuous use to figure out if everything is fine. Final adjustments can be done before you leave instead of having to rush back once more to set things right.


5. Do not try to speed things up:

One golden rule above all is to plan your trip when you are prepared for a semi-extended vacation. Do not try to wrap up things at the earliest or pressure your dentist to cut corners and get things done quickly as this could result in poor work.  Dentistry is both medicine and art and often requires patience and intricate work to ensure outstanding results. Have patience and you will come back with great functional teeth that put the zing back in your smile.


6. The six “S” rule:

If you are getting any surgical procedure done, you have to be diligent about following the 6S rule.

  • Sun tanning – A little while in the sun is fine (20-30 minutes is actually good for Vitamin D intake) but some antibiotics that are prescribed postoperatively might cause increased sensitivity and phototoxicity. If your body gets heated up due to prolonged exposure to the sun, your blood pressure can increase causing bleeding at the surgical wound site. Be sure to consult with the Doctor on this.
  • Snorkeling – can cause infections at the wound site and the chances of the wound opening up are higher.
  • Soda – beverages like soda, coffee, and wine are to be avoided to prevent any interference in healing.
  • Smoking – can cause delayed healing and disintegration of the clot at the wound site. Your dentist will ask you to stop smoking for at least a week before and after the surgery.
  • Spicy food – can irritate the tissues and cause discomfort prolonging the healing time and can cause bleeding if the clot is lost.
  • Soft diet – stick to a soft diet for a few days after surgery. Do not eat crispy, spicy and crunchy stuff like nachos, chips etc.

7. Do Not Flash The Cash:

Most clinics prefer payment in USD and will ask you to pay in cash. Do not carry all the cash on you all the time. Leave it in the hotel locker and carry only what you need. MEXDENTAL allows you to make payments through debit and credit cards without any extra charges. Since most of the surgical procedures cost thousands of dollars, it is always safer to pay online rather than carry so much cash on your person.  Any questions or concerns in this area contact us to be sure.


8. Treatment plan in writing:

After meeting your surgeon for the first consultation, ask for a written treatment plan that has details about the dental work planned in each arch with the tooth numbers. Ask questions and get to know the total financial commitment required of Review everything and do your own research on the recommendations made by the dentist.


9. Collect All Evidence for Insurance:

Request the dentist to give you all the pre and post procedure radiographs before you head back. Go over them with the dentist and make sure you have everything you need to claim insurance in case it is possible to do so in your home country. All the records must be preserved in case you need to go for any other treatment later on.


10. Take Time To Relax:

Lastly, remember you are also on vacation and a happy, relaxed mind is important for healing and recovery. There are many activities and experiences you can indulge in that will not hamper your treatment or healing in any manner. Go and have fun. Enjoy yourself and make it a memorable vacation and trip.


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