Dentists in Guadalajara Discovery Guide

Tap into our network of top dental professionals in Guadalajara, Mexico.  We make sure all dental specialists maintain United States ADA ® best practices which guarantees you get trusted, premium and affordably priced dental care.

Why should I go to a Dentist in Guadalajara?

Visit one of our many dentists in Guadalajara so you can save as much as 75 percent of what you would pay for dental treatment back home. Book with us for the guaranteed lowest prices with verified dentists known for quality work.

Guadalajara is the second-biggest city in Mexico, and it welcomes visitors to its bustling historical center, alive with traditions ranging from glass-blowing to mariachi. It’s known as the birthplace of tequila, while the unique neighborhoods provide visitors with folk-art shopping, upscale suburbs, and a variety of cuisine that runs the gamut from sidewalk tacos on up to fine dining happening in restored colonial mansions. Guadalajara’s intriguing downtown, as the oldest part of the city, is home to historical architecture, and many gorgeous squares and parks. 

This city has even earned the nickname of being Mexico’s Silicon Valley, which has helped Guadalajara develop into one of Mexico’s most robust local economies, specializing in information technology, as many electronics giants have facilities either in or around the city, including Siemens, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, and General Electric. Other industries making substantial contributions to the local economy include shoes, textiles, furniture, and pharmaceuticals. 

Tourism is certainly a big industry here too. Visitors are drawn by the various classical styles of architecture in the center of the city, which house many libraries, galleries, museums, auditoriums, concert halls, and theaters. In 2005, Guadalajara was named the American Capital of Culture. The cultural aspects of this city alone are worth a visit to this historic yet modern place. 

Guadalajara has a lot offer anyone that’s visiting so they can get dental care. Modern and first-class dental facilities are the standard here. Booking an appointment with us means that you’ll get to work with a quality-verified dentist. That means you have less to worry about in regards to your dental care, leaving you more time and energy to enjoy this laid-back and delightful city.

Dental treatment/procedure

Average cost in US

Average cost in Guadalajara

Zirconia dental crown



Root canal, + Crown



Dental Implant + Crown



You can safely expect a savings between 50% and 80% on most dental care expenses in Guadalajara compared to what you might pay back home. Block your appointment with one of our qualified and credentialed dentists in Guadalajara at MEXDENTAL. We guarantee the best treatment at the most economical prices.

This city might just be an uncovered treasure in terms of tourism so far. It’s an enjoyable place to visit with many interesting things to see and do. The city absolutely enjoys displaying its historic facade, but this often hides just how modern this city can be in terms of 21st-century services and amenities.

If you visit as a dental patient, you’ll quickly see how the clinics here are just as well-equipped as those in Canada or America. Also, when you book through us, you’ll only get care from dentists that we’ve background-checked directly ourselves. We personally visit our clinics, to inspect procedures for safety and hygiene, but also to make sure that we’re happy with them overall. Basically put, whenever we’re not happy with any facet of the services a clinic provides, they don’t get listed on our site.

Our website has a lot of information you can use to make educated decisions about just which dentist you should choose. You’ll see what their qualifications are, what their experience is, and even reviews by real patients who’ve already had treatment done with them. Additionally, every one of our dentists provides guarantees and warranties on their many services. So, book with the peace of mind that you’re getting seen by dentists and clinics who offer high-quality dentistry at affordable prices. 

In the city of Guadalajara, it really doesn’t matter just which dental treatment that you need, because we already have specialists that are highly trained and skilled in every aspect of dentistry. They can save you significant sums of money compared to your nation’s dentists:


Is it Safe to visit Guadalajara?

Yes, Guadalajara is considered safe. It’s in the state of Jalisco, and per a recent travel advisory directly from the United States government, there are no recommendations advising against travel to either Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara. They do note that there are unstable security situations along the borders of Zacatecas and Michoacan which mean travelers should defer nonessential travel to those particular areas, but that’s far away from the cities. 

The simple truth is that the city of Guadalajara isn’t any more of a safety risk than any of the other cities you might visit. Your trip is likely to be safe, particularly if you stick to the right precautions and use common sense, just as much as you would in any other environment you’re not familiar with.

Location, Location, Location

This city is in the Western-Pacific region of Mexico, specifically in Jalisco.  

Guadalajara has an international airport named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, coded as GDL, just 17 kilometers south of the downtown area. It’s just off a highway that runs to Chapala, and multiple airlines fly directly from major cities in both the United States and Canada. It’s a short two hour flight from Dallas and just a bit long from other major cities in the US.

Is Dental Quality Of Care Here Equivalent To Back Home?

Yes, your dental care is going to be just as good as it would be back home, in most cases. The other cases are where you might actually get better care! It all comes down to choosing a reputable and reliable clinic from the ones we’ve already visited and verified. There are quite of few horror stories in certain corners of the media about people that get substandard dental experiences when in Mexico. However, we know that by offering you our thorough research, you’ll see just how good the service is from the dentist you choose is going to be.

Of course, research takes time, and it unfortunately doesn’t always tell you exactly what you ought to know. This is why we’ve put such care into the development of our website, so it can inform patients with everything they really need to know before coming down here. We maintain a stringent policy of openness and honesty. You are free to check out the experience and qualifications of each dentist, as well as view clinic photographs, enjoy virtual clinic tours, and read through real patient reviews about every dentist and clinic.

What if Something Goes Wrong? Is my Dental treatment Guaranteed?

The dental tourism market in Mexico is becoming rather competitive which naturally forces dental care practitioners to consistently up their game if they want to participate. As with just about any trip you might take things can and do occasionally go wrong. No matter where you get treated there is always a chance for something to go wrong. Our commitment is to do everything within our power to ensure you have an amazing experience (except that part in the chair) from the time you land in Guadalajara to the time you leave.

If fact we expect you will have a better experience in one of our referral dentists than you might back home. It’s very common to hear this feedback from our clients. In the event of a misunderstanding or error we will work directly with you and the dental care provider to ensure our obligations to you the customer are met completely and satisfactorily.

Every one of the clinics we list has warranties and/or guarantees on both any materials they use as well as their work. To be sure, nobody can absolutely guarantee a 100-percent positive outcome in any dental or medical work, since nothing can ever be perfectly certain when the human body is involved. Still, Only a tiny percentage of the patients we have wind up experiencing issues, and the ones that have popped up have been minor. In such situations, we do what it takes to get things right for you.

Do I Need To Be Fluent In Spanish?

Absolutely not. Every one of our Guadalajara dental clinics is staffed by English-speaking professionals, meaning you’ll have no issues understanding them or yourself being understood. Even though Spanish is the primary language here, Guadalajara has many English speakers throughout the area.

Will My Canadian Or American Dental Insurance Get Accepted?

Guadalajara dental clinics can’t usually bill North American insurance companies directly. Having said that, you might be able to get reimbursed for your treatment costs after you get home. It’s worth consulting your own insurance provider prior to travel to find out whether or not they’ll reimburse you for any care out-of-network. If they do so, be sure you bring the proper documents or forms along with that you need your Guadalajara dentist to complete. American citizens should look over the IRS website. You might be free to claim certain tax deductions for medical and dental expenses, as well as associated costs involving accommodation charges.

What Payment Methods Do The Dental Offices Accept?

Generally, cash (US Dollars and Pesos) and credit card are widely accepted at all dental offices. Be sure to discuss this aspect with our care specialists that will guide you every step of the way on your dental journey in Guadalajara.   You should note that any credit card payments might be subjected to small processing fees ranging between 3 to 4 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Place to Get Your Hotel?

Guadalajara has options for every budget ranging from hostels, house rentals, condos and 5-star luxury resorts.  West of el centro (the downtown) is primarily where out dental network resides.  In the zones of Providencia, Zapopan and Chapalita.  In any of these neighborhood transportation via uber or local taxi is very manageable.  Speak with your dentist and your MEXDENTAL coordinator before making reservations so we can assist with this on your trip.   We’re happy to provide some of our favorite spots.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit?
The weather here is warm all year long, even though the seasons have marked differences in rainfall levels. Summer is usually the wettest part of the year, as peak rainfall happens in July. Afternoon storms are common in the rainy season, but for most of the remainder of the year, the local climate is quite arid. Peak tourists seasons happen in December and the middle of the summer. Holidays, like Easter, is also usually busy. One popular event that draws many to the city is the Guadalajara International Book Fair.
Other Considerations Before Visiting
Guadalajara is a big and sprawling city, but it doesn’t have any downsides that wouldn’t be found in any other city. Do be mindful about your valuables, but that’s true everywhere.

People wanting to opt for dental tourism are suggested to do their research and due diligence and certainly we are here to really help our clients with all aspects on the ground and of course we’ve already done most of the work for you. 

Sedation dentistry is not practiced in Mexico as widely as in the US and Canada. Administration of nitrous oxide gas is a specialist service as it needs a licensed anesthesiologist to do the job. Patients who need full sedation should contact us in advance for availing this service at an extra cost of $400-$600. A local anesthetic is used in most cases and for patients with anxiety, Valium can also be requested before you visit.

Do I need Car Insurance?
Yes, if you plan to drive down for treatment you most certainly need to get a valid Mexican insurance policy to cover you the entire time of your stay in Mexico.  Generally, you can purchase on line for less ten dollars per day.
What Do I need to Cross the Border?
In case you are planning to drive, be sure to plot your route and know where you plan to cross.  Contact them directly to verify crossing hours.  Our general recommendation is to cross early in the morning and avoid driving the highways at night.  You should have a valid passport good for the next 6 months.  Often the news exaggerates and glorifies bad news in Mexico.  In any case you can always check with the US State Department for any related Travel Advisories in Mexico.

What Else does Guadalajara offer?

The arts scene is alive and well in Guadalajara, thanks to a bountiful collection of galleries, museums, and theatres. There is also a lot of easily accessible public art in the plazas, green spaces, and parks around the city.

The cathedral dominates the historical center, although it’s rivaled by the nearby Plaza de Armas, Rotondo de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, and Government Palace. The city center is a pleasant place to wander around with an amazing array of intriguing buildings and eye-catching architecture, including Hospicio Cabanas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also many attractive colonial buildings, promenades, arcades, modern sculptures, and sparkling fountains.

It’s often said that Guadalajara is the original birthplace of mariachi. The Plaza de los Mariachis is definitely a great place to unwind after a day of seeing sights, where you can enjoy a drink and listen to the mariachis play.

Guadalajara is also the home of Mexico’s national drink of Tequila, of which this region produces roughly 60 million annual gallons. The Tequila Express train lets you explore the region, departing from Guadalajara and including a Mexican hacienda lunch with a Herradura distillery tour.

There are also several high end shopping malls located around the city.

What’s Needed to Book Dental Reservations?

Use our contact page on the MEXDENTAL website to make initial contact where you can call us Toll Free and speak to one of our experts or chat with us in the same manner.   You can also email us if you prefer at

We will be glad to assist in helping you plan your dental treatment at the most attractive rates. It is very simple to use our transparent services. It costs you nothing to use our services and also get a free quote. So, book your dental appointment with one of the best dentists in Guadalajara with MEXDENTAL and receive the best prices on your treatment.

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Distances Between Guadalajara And Other Points Of Interest

Guadalajara International Airport is 11 miles or 20 minutes away.

Lake Chapala, MX is 31 miles or 45 minutes away.

Puerto Vallarta is 190 miles or 4 hours away.

Mexico City is 340 miles or 5 1/2 hours away.

Tequila is 40 miles or 1 hour away.

Teuchitlan is 37 miles or 1 hour away.

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