Picture yourself enjoying a nice juicy steak at a restaurant with confidence and a dazzling smile. Your new set of pearly whites that make your friends envy you and brings life back to your smile.

All of us deserve to have a smile that is radiant, helps boost our confidence and does wonders for our self-esteem. A healthy smile leads to a healthy life and is well worth the investment.

The investment is worth it but it doesn’t have to come at a price that is expensive and unaffordable. It should not be something that empties your nest egg funds or makes you mortgage your home. With the option of going to Mexico for dental implants, you can hope to save $6k – $18k and in some cases where it involves whole mouth dental implants the savings can be $25k – $50k.

It is not easy to believe or truly understand how this cost advantage pays off.  Everyone wants to know the approximate costs before deciding on Mexico and frequently have questions like:

  • What are the cost savings of treatment in Mexico over that in the US?
  • Which procedures can I opt for total mouth rehabilitation with dental implants?
  • How to get a ballpark figure of the costs involved?
  • Will I actually end up saving anything after paying for travel?

When all the teeth in the mouth need to be replaced, whole mouth dental implants are needed. Each jaw needs anything between 2 to 8 implant posts that support a “Snap-On” denture or fixed prosthesis.

Single tooth implants are also possible to replace any missing tooth and a combination of crowns and bridges can be used for total mouth rehabilitation.

Take a quick look at a snapshot of the approximate prices:

Approximate cost in Mexico Approximate cost in the US
Single implant (cost per tooth) $750 $1,800
Single implant including crown $1,605 $4,000
Single arch-Implant dentures- 4 implants/arch $6000 $17,200
Full mouth-Implant dentures – 4  implants $12,000 $34,300
Single arch-Fixed bridge-6  implants/arch $11,250 $28,030
Full mouth-Fixed bridge-6 implants $22,500 $56,000
Single arch- All-on-4® – 4 implants/arch $10,400 $24,200
Full mouth- All-on-4® – 4 implants $21,050 $48,550

Criteria that help estimate the costs:

  1. Any procedures like extractions or bone grafting needed before implants are placed.

One needs to factor in the price of extracting damaged/non-functional teeth if you intend to undergo full mouth rehabilitation in Mexico. The extractions in Mexico cost around $55 – $85.

The bone density and support should be very good to place any dental implants. Sometimes, bone grafts might be needed to make up for bone loss which is common when you age or in patients who have been wearing dentures for long. Bone grafting is not a major cost(around $200-450 per jaw) but needs to be factored in while estimating the total costs. In cases where the bone loss is severe, block grafting might be the appropriate choice.

Similarly, IV sedation might be needed to do the surgery for which your dentist will ask you for some blood work.

This table will give you an approximate idea of the actual costs:

Service Mexico US
consultation Free of cost $115
CT scan for treatment planning $155 $385
Removal/Extraction charges per tooth $65 $180
Bone grafts $250 $755
IV sedation $400 $780

What is the number of implants that are required for full mouth restoration with dental implants?

The total cost for full mouth implant restorations is based on the total count of implants that are used in each jaw. To get a fair estimate you can consult your regular dentist about how many implants you may require so that you can get a ballpark figure to work around.

The treatment planning is done keeping in mind the thickness and strength of the implant supporting bone. Based on budget, the minimum implants needed to support a full mouth restoration can be considered.

Excluding the wisdom teeth, the upper and lower jaw have 14 teeth each. To do a full mouth restoration the requirement for implants ranges from 2-8 implants per jaw. The stability and support of the prosthesis/denture/bridge are directly proportional to the number of implants used as is the price. A single titanium implant post costs around $780 – $855 in Mexico.

Cost based on the no.of implants in each jaw Approximate Cost in Mexico

in USD

Approximate Cost in the US

in USD

Cost for implant dentures supported by 2 implants 3,865 11,110
Cost of implant dentures supported by 3 implants 5,050 14,260
Cost of implant dentures supported by 6 implants 6,010 17,240
Cost of implant dentures supported by 8 implants 11,270 28,020
8 implants/All-on-8 12850 24500
4implants/All-on-4 10,600 24,400
6 implants/All-on-6 12,600 29,600

What type of implants would I need for whole mouth restoration?

The choice for the type implants is vast.

Implant Dentures – Full arch implants that need 2-4 implants for each jaw.

Cost in USD:

Mexico: $3,800 – $6,000
US: $11,000 – $17,200

Type of Attachment: “Snap-on”


In Stage 1, the implants are installed in the jaw bone and it takes 3-4 months for the healing to take place. During this period, the temporary removable denture can be used.

In Stage 2, the abutments and the implant denture is fixed.
They are also known as Overdentures, Implant Supported Dentures, Snap-On Dentures or Full Denture implant.

Fixed Bridge – Full arch dental implants that need 6-8 implants each in the upper and lower jaw.

Cost in USD:

Mexico: $9,000 – $13,000
US: $27,040 – $36,910

Type of Attachment: Fixed


In Stage 1, implants and the temporary removable dentures are inserted, followed by 3-4 months of healing time before the next appointment.

In Stage 2, the abutments and the permanent teeth are fixed.
They are also known as Permanent Dentures, Fixed Hybrid Denture, All on 8, All on 6.

All-on-4 – Full-arch implants that need 4-6  implants for each jaw.

Cost in USD:

Mexico: $10,000 – $13,000
US: $24,350 – $30,550

Type of Attachment: “Snap-on”


In Stage 1, the implants and fixed temporary denture is attached to the dental implants followed by 3-4 months of healing time.

In Stage 2, the abutments and permanent teeth are fixed.
Also called as Immediate Load Implants or ‘Teeth in a day”.

All total/full mouth dental implants are classified as:

Type 1-Overdentures:

These are the most cost-effective implants in Mexico. They snap on to the implants and can be easily removed for cleaning. Esthetically you get a great smile and they are very functional too. You can chew with confidence and eat what you like. They are also known as Implant Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures, Dentures Secured with Implants, Snap-on dentures.

This is the most popular procedure for full mouth implants in Mexico as these need just 2-4 dental implants in each jaw.

Type 2-Fixed Bridge

These are also called “hybrid dentures” as they are anchored by implants. Since the teeth are fixed, they cannot be removed out of the mouth and they are supported by the dental implants. A fixed full arch bridge needs 6-7 titanium posts in each arch for support. The dentist can remove these bridges for cleaning when you visit him or her for your half-yearly visit.

Type 3- All-on-4

The All-on-4® is very much like the fixed bridge with the main differences being the type of implant used and the immediate loading that can be achieved with all-on-4. These need fewer implants than the traditional methods.

Tilted/angled dental implants are used for the front teeth in All-on-4® dental implants whereas standard vertical ones are used in fixed bridges.

In the All-on-4® procedure, temporary dentures can be anchored to the implants at the time of surgery itself whereas, in the case of fixed bridges, removable dentures need to be worn for a period of 3-4 months post surgery before the permanent teeth can be fixed.

What is the real dollar amount that I can save by opting for dental treatment in Mexico?

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can save over $30000 by opting for full mouth implants along with two vacations in Mexico. Compared to what you would spend in your home country for the same treatment, you would still end up saving money after paying the travel costs.

For example, if you want a full mouth, Fixed Bridge supported by 6 implants in Cancun,  you would have to visit again after 3-4 months to complete the treatment. Here is a snapshot that shows you the dollar amount you can save in spite of traveling twice

Cost in Mexico Cost in the US Amount Saved
Pre-surgical costs
Consulting the doctor  Nil $100 $100
CT scan $125 $300 $175
Blood tests/check up $55 $100 $45
IV sedation $155 $450 $295
Cost of procedure
Extractions of around 10 teeth $595 $1800 $1190
Bone grafting $500 $750 $250
6 implants in upper arch with fixed bridge $11200 $28000 $16800
6 implants in lower arch with fixed bridge $11200 $28000 $16800
First-time travel cost
Air tickets to Cancun $410 $0 $410
Resort stay -1 week $370 $0 $370
Travel, Food and sundries $600 $0 $600
Second-time travel cost
Air tickets to Cancun $410 $0 $410
Resort stay -1 week $370 $0 $370
Travel, Food and sundries $600 $0 $600
Total $27960 $59500 $31580

You end up saving over $30,000 dollars while enjoying two vacations in Mexico!!

MEXDENTAL offers you great prices on full mouth implants and our work is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Do get in touch with us to work out a suitable package for your treatment needs. We can customize all services according to your requirements without compromising on the quality and standard of care.

Take a brief look at the costs MEXDENTAL offers:

Implant Supported Dentures:

Single Arch Implants
  • 2 Implants: $2,900 – $3,900
  • 3 Implants: $3,999 – $5,000
  • 4 Implants: $4,900 – $6,000
Full Mouth Implants
  • 2 Implants: $7,000 – $7,7500
  • 3 Implants: $7,950 – $10,090
  • 4 Implants: $9,999 – $12,050

Fixed Bridge anchored by Implants:

Single Arch Implants
  • 6 Implants: $11,000 – $11,300
  • 8 Implants: $13,000 – $12,850
Full Mouth Implants
  • 6 Implants: $19,950 – $22,570
  • 8 Implants: $24,000 – $25,690

All-on-4® Dental Implants:

Single arch
  • All-on-4®dental implants: $11,000
Full Mouth
  • All-on-4®dental implants: $20,999

These ballpark figures are inclusive of the costs for the implant posts made up of titanium, the supporting abutments, the connectors and the teeth .


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