The Ultimate Guide To Cancun Dentists

Tap into our network of top dental professionals in Cancun, Mexico.  We make sure all dental specialists maintain United States ADA ® best practices which guarantees you get trusted, premium and affordably priced dental care.

Why Travel to Cancun To See A Dentist?

The dental clinics in Cancun are safe and modern with state-of-the-art, hygienic facilities that can rival any North American clinic. Dentists in Cancun are also highly trained and have specialist knowledge in their specific areas of expertise.


In order to meet the needs of patients who are traveling out of their home country to receive dental treatment, the clinics in Cancun are very competitive, which helps to ensure that the dental treatment that is received here is of the highest standard. We work with dentists all over Mexico to ensure that we offer the best dentists. Our patients can be very confident that all of the clinics that are listed on our MEXDENTAL website all provide outstanding service at an affordable price and meet all of the quality criteria that we have established.


With numerous nonstop flights from most of the major cities, it is fairly convenient for most Noth Americans to travel to Cancun. For patients who need return trips for their dental care, multiple visits are a very realistic option here. Even when you include the cost of flights and accommodations, dental treatment costs in Cancun might still cost less than what you would have to pay at home. There can be huge savings on extensive dental work, which can save you thousands of dollars, even when the cost of your holiday is included.


Patients who would like to recuperate in surroundings that are peaceful and relaxing will love the incredible vistas and seascapes that Cancun has to offer. Where else in the entire world can you sit in a dentist chair and have a view that rivals the Nichupte Lagoon?  There truly is nothing better.

Dental treatment/procedure

Average cost in US

Average cost in Cancun

Dental Implants

$3,000 – 5,000

$1,200 – 1,500


$1,000 – 1,500



$1,600 – 2,000


You can safely expect a savings between 50% and 75% on most dental care expenses in Cancun compared to what you might pay back home. And then just think about what it would be like to have your dental care performed in a luxury resort’s surroundings. Get your appointment booked today with one of our quality-checked Cancun dentists and turn your wishful thoughts into a reality.

Dental vacationers and tourists who visit Cancun will quickly discover that there is more to offer by this famous Mexican resort than just its emerald oceans and beautiful beaches. Cancun has quickly been transformed, in less than 40 years from a sparsely populated fisherman’s island into a modern and sophisticated world-class tourist destination for the ideal holiday.

For people who are needing to get their batteries recharged by doing nothing at all, there are miles of white sandy beaches to relax on with gentle lapping azure-colored waters and fringed with palm trees that are sure to do just that. However, there are also many other activities to enjoy, including exploring Mayan culture, diving, and snorkeling. Eco-tourism is popular as well since residents are very eager to maintain the beauty of their land amid all of the leisure tourism that has been introduced. 


Cancun is full of natural wonders and provides all of the amenities to keep modern tourists happy, including many impressive hotels to meet every budget, restaurants that cater to all preferences, along with many stylish clubs, sophisticated bars, chic boutiques, and fancy shopping malls.


Mainly due to the high influx of leisure travelers (last year more than 6 million visitors were welcomed to Cancun), the destination has also been able to build a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading dental tourism hubs in the world. Over the past decade, there are have been dozens of clinics established that have outstanding credentials for providing high-quality treatment, including such complex care as cosmetic dentistry and implants. MEXDENTAL works with dentists from all over the world and can help you find the best dentist at the best price in Cancun 


Is it Safe to visit Cancun?

Yes, with only rare exceptions. Despite all of the political and social unrest that has been experienced at tourism resorts in Mexico at times, Cancun was able to safely welcome over 6 million dental, medical, business and leisure travelers last year. As long as you follow sensible travel rules (and take it easy on those late night Margaritas), then you should be very safe in the popular resort town of Cancun.


For those who would like to have some extra security, many of the best dentists in Cancun offer pickup and drop-off at the airport, as well as hotel shuttles to and from their clinics. You can contact our Customer Care Team and we will be very happy to help you with any of the details.

Location, Location, Location

Cancun is situated in Quintana Roo state in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula’s northeast coast. It is one of Mexico’s eastern-most points and is just north of the Carribean Coast of Mexico called the Riveria Maya.

Cancun is centrally located to both Canada and the US, with flights being only 2 to 5 hours away from a majority of the big North American airports. The high tourism volumes have resulted in an abundance of low airfares as well as discounts on accommodations in various price ranges.

Cancun is one of the favorite resort destinations and starting point for visiting historic sites such as the Chichen Itza and Tulum ruins, along with beach resorts such as the Playa del Carmen, the diving destinations of Akumal and Cozumel or visiting the country of Belize which is located south of Cancun.

Is Dental Quality Of Care Here Equivalent To Back Home?

Yes, it will. As long as you carefully select your dentist – just like you would at home. MEXDENTAL is here to help you with that. It is very time-consuming to conduct background checks on several prospective dentists before you can make a final choice. If you book an appointment with one of our pre-screened dentists then you will already be a step ahead. We have performed extensive background checks on all of our dentists already. For example, the qualifications of the dentists and their hygiene protocols. That way you can rest assured that the dentist is actually qualified and that internationally recognized safety protocols are followed by the clinic.

We can also provide you with verified patient reviews, which gives you insight into the experiences that other people have had with the dentists. These measures have all been designed to help you make an informed decision with confidence before you book your appointment with a Cancun dentist.

What if Something Goes Wrong? Is my Dental treatment Guaranteed?

 The dental tourism market in Mexico is becoming rather competitive which naturally forces dental care practitioners to consistently up their game if they want to participate. As with just about any trip you might take things can and do occasionally go wrong. No matter where you get treated there is always a chance for something to go wrong. Our commitment is to do everything within our power to ensure you have an amazing experience (except that part in the chair) from the time you land in Cancun until the time you leave.

If fact we expect you will have a better experience in one of our referral dentists than you might back home. It’s very common to hear this feedback from our clients. In the event of a misunderstanding or error we will work directly with you and the dental care provider to ensure our obligations to you the customer are met completely and satisfactorily.


Every one of the clinics we list has warranties and/or guarantees on both any materials they use as well as their work.  For those rare complications that can arise, MEXDENTAL works on your behalf to make sure any problems are solved, if you booked your appointment through us. 

Do I Need To Be Fluent In Spanish?

No, you do not. a majority of people who work in Cancun’s tourism industry do speak English. Although Spanish is the official language, dentists and their staff in all of our best clients speak English fluently, and translators may be provided for Italian, French, and German.

Will My Canadian Or American Dental Insurance Get Accepted?

Cancun dental clinics can’t usually bill North American insurance companies directly. Having said that, you might be able to get reimbursed for your treatment costs after you get home. It’s worth consulting your own insurance provider prior to travel to find out whether or not they’ll reimburse you for any care out-of-network. If they do so, be sure you bring the proper documents or forms along with that you need your Cancun dentist to complete. American citizens should look over the IRS website. You might be free to claim certain tax deductions for medical and dental expenses, as well as associated costs involving accommodation charges.

What Payment Methods Do The Dental Offices Accept?

The preferred payment method that most dental offices accept is US cash. However, other payment methods are accepted now, which include traveler’s checks, major credit cards, and even personal checks. On credit card payments, please note that there is a small processing fee charge of about 3-4% that is usually charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Place to Get Your Hotel?

Cancun is a renowned tourist resort, so there is a wide range of outstanding accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. From an entire range of hotels to Airbnb’s to self-catering beachfront condos and villas, you won’t have any problems finding an amazing place to stay no matter what time of year it is.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit?

The tropical climate of Cancun makes it a great place to visit, no matter what time of year it is. The average temperature is 80 degrees F (26 degrees C) all year long. The off-season in Cancun is May through October. At that time of year, temperatures can get into the nineties, although the evening sea breezes help to offset that.  During those months you will be able to find excellent bargains on shopping, lodging, and airfare, and season discounts for all of your dental needs as well.

Other Considerations Before Visiting

There are timeshare sales representatives who will attempt to get you to one of the presentations by offering you discounts or free offers. Move on quickly from the salesman with a polite but firm “no gracias” unless you want to spend a couple of hours on a hard sell. 

Depending on what time of year you visit Cancun, the ocean currents might be strong. Check the colored flags that are on the beach. The only beaches with lifeguards are those at the hotels, so if you are not an experienced swimmer stick with the hotel beaches. 

Although local anesthesia is offered by all of our dentists, in Mexico full sedation is not provided as a standard the way it is in Canada and the US. Full sedation is offered by some clinics with advance notice. The service costs about $400 to $600. Patients who have challenges with anxiety and need Valium or another oral medication will need to put in their request before visiting, or you can bring it with you.

How Do I Get There?

One of the very best characteristics of Cancun as a dental travel destination is that it is very easy to access from a majority of the international airports in North American. There is an abundance of nonstop flights that are available, and the competition for tourist money means you can find reasonable airfares no matter what time of year it is. Patients who need multiple visits for their care will find that Cancun is an outstanding choice.  

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the closest airport, and it receives flights from all over the world on a daily basis, including Canada and the US. Nonstop flying times from some of the major metropolitan airports are listed below:

What Do I need to Cross the Border?

In case you are planning to drive, be sure to plot your route and know where you plan to cross.  Contact them directly to verify crossing hours.  Our general recommendation is to cross early in the morning and avoid driving the highways at night.  You should have a valid passport good for the next 6 months.  Often the news exaggerates and glorifies bad news in Mexico.  In any case you can always check with the US State Department for any related Travel Advisories in Mexico.

What Other things Are there To Do In The Cancun Area?

Dental patients will be very happy to know that numerous activities are offered by Cancun to suit a wide range of abilities and interests. Although it is one of the ultimate places for relaxation, there are also lots of things to do for those who are energetic.

Cancun has some of the finest golf courses in the Caribbean. They are all open to the general public. Watch for special discounts and offers.

With Cancun surrounded by all of that water, it isn’t surprising that water is heavily featured in the area’s recreational activities – from tours of the jungle in exhilarating speedboats or jet-skis to leisurely trips on a glass-bottomed boat. Diving for both advanced and beginner divers is very popular due to the amazing coral reefs located just off of the coast and in the nearby area of Cozumel. Cave diving for experienced divers in the Yucatan Peninsula’s sinkholes or the Cave of Sharks os definitely something you don’t want to miss.


For the culture lovers, there is so much to do and see in the Cancun area, including galleries, museums, and Mayan sites like El Ray, in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Across the Yucatan peninsula, there are many other archaeological sites, which includes Tulum and Chichen Itza.


Cancun has an incredible nightlife. Live music and cocktails are served by sophisticated hotel restaurants and bars. There are many other discos, clubs, and bars as well that cater to all musical preferences all night long until dawn. There is also an incredible range of shopping to suit all tastes in Cancun. La Casa del Arte Popular Mexicano is a great starting place if you love Mexican crafts. Or you can visit an open-air venue called Mercado Coral Negro, which is next to the shopping mall called The Forum By The Sea. It is the only mall that is located right on the ocean.

What’s Needed to Book Dental Reservations?

Use our contact page on the MEXDENTAL website to make initial contact where you can call us Toll Free and speak to one of our experts or chat with us in the same manner.   You can also email us if you prefer at

We will be glad to assist in helping you plan your dental treatment at the most attractive rates. It is very simple to use our transparent services. It costs you nothing to use our services and also get a free quote. So, book your dental appointment with one of the best dentists in Cancun with MEXDENTAL and receive the best prices on your treatment.

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Distances Between cancun airport And Other mexican cities

– Campeche, Mexico: 5 hours, 300 miles

– Progreso, Mexico: 3.5 hours, 213 miles

– Chichen Itza, Mexico: 2 hours, 125 miles

– Tulum, Mexico: 1.5 hours, 82 miles

– Playa del Carmen, Mexico: 1 hour, 43 miles

– Cancun International Airport: 20 minutes 12 miles

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