The All-on-4 dental implants launched by Nobel Biocare (product manufacturer) took the dental industry by storm and over the years have remained one of the most popular options for full arch or mouth restoration. The tilted implants are a unique methodology and the placement needs expertise and finesse.

MEXDENTAL works with teams of expert dentists who do these procedures on a daily basis. If you are looking at getting full mouth or single arch implants, then All-on-4  dental implants are an excellent option. If you are also keen on saving significant money on getting these implants, then consider getting them done in Mexico.

How Much are All on 4 dental implants?

The approximate cost of getting All-on-4  dental implants in the US is around $25-30k per arch which works outvisual represntation all on 4 implant to around $60,000 for a full mouth procedure. Comparatively, in Mexico, the cost is around $10-13k per arch which means you can save 50% or more of this very large cost.

MEXDENTAL has compiled a few pointers for you to keep in mind before you make your choice:

Understand the difference between the various types of implants:

It is imperative that you know the difference between All-on-4, overdentures and fixed bridges. Most lay people end up using these terms interchangeably but it is important to know that they are different procedures.

The main feature of All-on-4  implants is the fact that tilted implants are used in the anterior portion of the jaws. The other types of implants are all vertical implants, even though there might be 4 implants used for supporting the dentures or teeth.

Overdentures allow you to remove the prosthetic and clean it yourself and then they can be snapped back on whereas, with All-on-4 implants and fixed bridges, the teeth are fixed to the implants and cannot be removed by the patient at will.

Nobel Biocare manufactures All-on-6 tilted implants which are also available in Mexico. But, it is not a common procedure. Your doctors would probably recommend the standard vertical implants if 6 implants are needed in each jaw.

Many patients use the terms All-on-6 and All-on-8 to refer to procedures that they might have undergone or heard about. Do not get confused as these generally refer to procedures that involve vertical implants and not tilted ones. The right terminology to refer to such implants is fixed bridges with 8 implants.

Other brands like Straumann and Biomet 3i have come up with similar implants but All-on-4 is generally used to refer to implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare.

Below is a video that provides a visual of what is required on the All on 4 implant procedure:

Check if your case is ideal for All-On-4:

Not all patients are good candidates for All-on-4 implants. Don’t worry it is not the ultimate procedure, you have a lot of other options to choose from. In most cases, standard vertical implants also give outstanding results and might work out better for some people in the long run. If the bone condition in your jaws is good then standard vertical implants are a better option as they absorb the stress better than tilted implants.

Nobel Biocare itself recommends two conditions where their All-on-4 implants should be considered.

  1. When the bone support in the posterior part of your jaws is not great.
  2. When the bone thickness and levels are good in the anterior part of your jaws.

Plan ahead for two trips to Mexico:

shows stake insert in gums before implantMost patients think that All-in-4 is a quick in and out the procedure as it is widely advertised as teeth in a day kind of procedure. While the claim is not incorrect but it is important to know that the provisional teeth placed on the day of the surgery need to be replaced after 3-4 months once the healing is complete. So, ensure that you budget-in your second trip as well when you plan for your first surgery.

Sometimes the immediate load teeth cannot be fixed as the bone height, thickness, and quality is not sufficient. Mostly the surgeon will decide based on the pre-operative CT scan. At times, the decision is made during the surgery and the surgeon may decide against loading the implants on the same day with permanent teeth due to insufficient torque gained on the implants. In such cases, temporary, removable dentures are attached and one needs to wait for 4 months for the healing to take place. You can come back after the healing period and get the permanent teeth fixed. This prevents any failure of the implants and saves you multiple trips to fix issues which might end up in you losing the cost advantage you gained by opting for treatment in Mexico.

Check and assess your chewing needs:

If you are big-built, have good bone support, use greater force while chewing and are generally youthful, fit andattaching false teeth to gums strong then standard, vertical implants are a great option as they are better at withstanding the chewing/biting load and easier to replace too in case any implant fails.

In case of failure with All-In-4 implants, the whole procedure needs to be redone whereas with standard implants, only the failed implant needs to be replaced and new implants can be added as per the requirement in each jaw.

The number of teeth per jaw that various implant scan support are:

Type of implant No. of teeth per jaw supported by implant
All-on-4 10
All-on-6 12
Standard 14


So, with standard implants, you can have more teeth in your mouth which is great for chewing better and in terms of longevity.

finished product secured implants


Check the credentials and experience of your dentist:

The last thing you need is someone not well experienced enough in doing All-on-4 procedures botching up the job. It is a highly sensitive procedure that requires great skill, training, and practice to perfect. Even oral surgeons and prosthodontists need to undergo additional hours of training to master it.

MEXDENTAL helps you in picking the right dental clinic to get the job done. We have shortlisted the best dentists for All on 4 implants after verifying their skill, experience, credentials, affiliations, and reviews.  We personally inspect the offices, meet the doctors and verify the credentials and promise to deliver top quality service and in the best hands.  Our implant team consists of a surgeon and a prosthodontist. It is important to ensure that the teeth sit correctly when you bite or chew. So the job is not only of placing the implants in the bone correctly but also making sure the teeth or dentures/bridges are attached properly in relation to each other.

We encourage you to get a basic consultation done in your home country and then make an informed decision about the procedure best suited for your needs.  Please feel free to speak with our US Dentist today to discuss your options in more detail.